I was born into a family of five. My parents were relatively dependable on, Dad by then “Muruka” chief, Mum house wife. We lived in Kabale.If told this story at five, we were rich because of our big radio with a couple of on built speakers. I admired it!
When I was 9, my dad was found dead in our house.  My mum and I had gone for a funnel ceremonial; in our culture it goes for three days. It was a close neighbor’s daughter that had passed away but shortly before this brutal happenstance, my same family, had laid to rest my younger sister Named Shellinah Natukunda. The story my mum can dare never to tell! May their souls rest in peace?Dad died at the age of 40 we had just spiritually celebrated his BD in February. It was a time I was starting to know him better and to admire his hard-working heroism. I really loved him so much. I remember, he used to take me along with to his appointments and friends, and they would tell him, like father like son, your true copy physically and workwise. His reply ever was “Mfuririzo”. A Swahili word that I have just recently quested to know the meaning as “No time to rest”
Up-to now I feel hurt, whenever people tell me that “you remind me of your father” somewhat best creature I cannot imagine exactly, facial looks since I had just started to know him.
I don’t remember how it was like in the first two (2) months after his tombstone shoulded by the dark, rains and just no other but accompanied by banana suckers in the plantation.
Words cannot explain what we went through on recognizing Dad’s importance. This is when started talks of recovering dad’s security fundraisings mum, plans to sell certain plots etcetera. It’s this time, I realized we were not only robbed of a father but a bread winner.
Every material belonging gradually started perishing, starting with our previous home of birth before migrating to Rukungiri district was robbed and sold right away. Remember this was a place where my admired radio was so robbed too. All gone unconsciously like a reflex action, it’s an untold story that proceeded!
Mum hustled for food, fees, clothing etc. but Thank God we embraced securing loans as our sole provider that gradually left us as poor as a church mouse.
Two years later, was blessed with a church organization that pushed me for a couple of years in school feels till to F.3, but still could not weaken from working hard. I kept helping my mum by keeping in operation of her retail shop whenever asked to. As her son.
But still I cannot skip telling you that I used to at-times shoplift some yellows and eat them under the counter. This is a fact to all young business up keepers in absence of their parents especially, where they do not give something whenever you asked for it from the same shop.
This situation made business career known to me internally. I started walking 15 miles to my grand mum’s home who grew egg plants for home consumption. I gave her an idea of selling me the excess that she loved. I would return with 3 to 4 plates on a gross cost of 450 to 750Shs. Reaching home, would obtain my own packages, walk with them, and whereas each pack was 200, I would realize between 2400 and 3200Shs. In business this is between 300% and 200% profit margin. And I guess my career started. Never did I end here, I also invested in personal creativity like shoe and electronics repair, charcoal energy production, agriculture and now a lot more that you will feel as you stride along with me.
By the way, ask less about the proceeds from all my earnings! They used to top up on my pocket money and used to give it to my mum promising to buy me clothes. Every one that has been to this age can prove my point I guess.
Soon after the organization paying for me heard that I was expelled from school! Yet was genuinely innocent, but since I had no chance to appeal for a gone case! I let go St Paul’s seminary Kabale! They cut off the sponsorship. It was time I was starting S.4 in-other-words a candidate.
Good enough, my mum had left the village for the City (Kampala-Uganda). She called me to have my holiday over her place of work. She was working in school offered a staff house. It’s during this time that my beloved uncles also started playing a very big role as regards to school fees support.But one observation I keenly minded on and that has become my turning point, whenever she would be complaining about any of my siblings or myself, she would be like I thought you would use this chance to challenge yourselves with what is in the city that and what other people have done, then derive a lesson for your future! I kept it in my mind silently and made it one of my key driving forces.
Soon after my S.5 school disputes that almost got me to standstill due to school fees, I prayed to resume just. While in S.6, again in a newer school, I held a sense of right and wrong about my future, I then started an agriculture business which I went for during weekends, to work with my farm manager and motivate him as well. I was dealing in vegetables, maize etc. by the time I left secondary level, my plantations, some were ready to harvest. But unfortunately I couldn’t reap as much as ¼ of the investment even! You can imagine! I had learnt from my entrepreneurship class that in business, patience and focus are leaders to success.
I went in for a second season, this instead was brutally worse. Though I could have harvested something little, it happened that during harvest period, I got a travel tour to Dar-es-salaam for over a month. I was delighted to board the plane to another country thus could not hold back.Time to join the university came, two days after reporting, we were blessed with a boot camp from Microsoft partners, this was a Ugandan team of innovators who had merged as winners in the Microsoft imagine cup with an App that monitors unborn children’s growth in fetuses. They told us how much they travelled, earned and enjoyed. It was my inspiration behind the scenes movie. Put in mind, that was the source of their startup capital.
I also came up with a fresh idea targeting to win the fortune, call it hit the rotary. Over the past two years, I have tried but in vain. And later changed to a simple business strategy. I told myself that, you have a lot to dig into to get the fortune uncompetitive other than what you have been seeking for. Thus the name of my startup First Fortune.I have ever since, invested a full year, after revamping my goal and mission in life. I set a side my school work to only first obtain business skills obligatory to succeed in business passion that I am soon sharing with you shortly. Have stood to use different resources like online research, books and mentors’ knowledge so as to prove that what the content am giving you is what we are using hereinafter to maneuver in our entrepreneurial excellence. As come along with us, you will realize it’s only practical applied to the forth published video and script content.As I conclude, let me remind you that, this is the hub of working ideas with subsidiary and supervisory content! I mean proven ideas! Because no one is creative on earth than you watching this video. Am officially on air declaring that I will be your practical coach, mentor, role model in establishing a lasting business/project or name it, but remember also, this is a step by step training, not paid for! Dismiss the notion that free things are useless. That applies if your mindset sets it so! Self-belief beats it. Dare not miss out any videos in regular time. Because we got no more time to keep our ideas waiting.



Over the years, I have been involved in growing myself for becoming a business legend as well as a great leader, and with such a dream, I have become a business consultant among my peers, I co-own a shop registered as a partnership from which I source my own tuition for my University degree and for have not declined in exhibiting my leadership skills in every institution I join by being entrusted with positions of impact.


My recent task as coordinator Innovation Saturday Program at UTAMU has taught me a lot, having been through many leadership and management training’s like; Youth Leadership Awards, Agile summer camp, and my institutions of learning-leaderships held. Striding along, small business management experience gathered like farming and trade since I was 11 years counts a lot to my entrepreneurial journey.