Flowers are considered a thing of beauty thanks to their vivid colors, interesting shapes and sizes. This makes them a favorite of those who can appreciate their artistic qualities. On wedding functions, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, celebrating new born babies and during funeral services, these beautifully assorted colored plants send out messages that wouldn’t otherwise come out well in spoken or written language.

Ugandans are slowly adapting to the business of using flowers to express their feelings to their loved ones because it is western practice. Flowers send out messages of love, happiness, congratulations as well as sympathy. But did you know that we can make a fortune out of the flower business?

While many Ugandans have invested in various businesses, a few people seem to appreciate that the flower industry too is a worthwhile investment that is capable of fetching lots of revenue and ultimately turning them into millionaires.

Uganda is blessed with favorable climate for floriculture;-. A term used to refer to the cultivation of flowers or flowering plants. Latest statistics indicate that Uganda exported 5765 tonnes of flowers in 2011 worth $30.6m.

Flower species in the flower export industry include; Valentino, Sonrysa, Belle rose, Red calypso, Tucam, Vival. Sweetheart roses are greatly favored by Uganda’s climate and are doing pretty well. Today, Flower industry stands on 250 hectares, averagely employing about 8500 people.

The flower industry is very significant in beautifying the environment, providing employment opportunities to a number of Ugandans thus eradicating poverty as well as earning revenue to Uganda.

While many elites think that they have to work offices or do white collar jobs, I believe there is a business potential in growing flowers. While there are several Ugandans in the flower business today, the market remains virgin and unsatisfied. Growing flowers for commercial purposes, employing right methods and planting competitive species are some of the procedures that need to be followed if great yields are to be realized from this project.

I urge Ugandans not to underestimate the business potential of the flower industry for it is currently one of the most lucrative businesses one can engage in. As a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science student, I hope to use the ICT skills to enhance this business venture through managing inventories.

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