His brilliant business idea of bridging the incubation gap in this country pushed him to be recognized among the most promising entrepreneurs in the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program (TEEP2016)

Keneth Twesigye, a 2nd year Computer Science student

It took me 15 full days of active preparation and concentration to submit for the Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program (TEEP2016). I managed to submit my unique business plus 10 more ideas that I hoped they could take on. I can imagine the baffling decisions made by the selecting committee while sorting the thousands of submissions by the other entrepreneurs.

However, I am thrilled beyond excitement that my particular business idea managed to be among the few that were ranked as appropriate all through the four selection stages. I am sure my consulting business idea really drove them to admire the kind of entrepreneur that I am! I can’t go on without stating that being chosen from a sample space of more than 45,000 applicants is one of the best occurrences in my endeavors.

When I received an email notification, after submitting my application, that over 45,000 applicants had submitted, I was confused on what my next move would be. The TEEP selection has left me speechless, I only keep the bubbles of excitement on my cheeks.

Keneth Twesigye (on left) explaining his application at a recent exhibition in Kampala

To my fellow colleagues may say, I have been a motivational and outgoing business gentleman to fellow my youth and the community. While trying to keep my legacy, my friends and I decided to represent UTAMU to this funding opportunity but after extensive research, I personally opted to give it my best with an idea that would groom my other idealistic and enthusiastic colleagues.

The “Tech Buzz hub” idea which I submitted is categorized as a consultancy venture aimed at having a collaborative working environment, envisioning youth business and technology capacity development. It starts with nurturing youths’ relevant business and technical skills. We bridge the lagging gaps of incubation, networking, client management and training needed by our creative and innovative teams.

Since I joined UTAMU, I have managed to set up two operating businesses under the same company (First Fortune) and they are progressing well day by day. However, I have managed to do all this because of the strong passion, patience, sacrifice, perseverance and encouraging environment like every other entrepreneur must have.

In a statement TEEP notes that, “becoming one of the TEEP1000 is only the first step. Now, you must prepare for the 12-week interactive training course (which is ahead of you) – the Start-up Enterprise Toolkit, which takes place on our online portal.”

The journey still continues for me up to late October 2016 but I am determined to climb till I reach the final step.

The benefits for participating in TEEP programme are immense such as; access to mentoring and learning platform, start-up enterprise toolkit, mentoring, resource library, The Elumelu Entrepreneurship Forum and joining a lifelong TEEP Alumni Network.


Therefore, I wish to encourage my colleagues to follow their passion and “write what you believe in.” If you give the best to what you are passionate about, you are able to develop innovative and creative ways of approach to solving problems related to your field of specialization.

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